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Our Rummage Team

Quinn York 
-Rummage Liaison 

Chris Landers 
-Small Shed Coordinator/Book Ministry

Ryan Romanowski
-Pickup Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask. We Answer.

How much of my donation directly supports the cause?

Each of our sales focuses on a singular community or program. Our upcoming Fall Rummage Sale to Fight Hunger will be supporting Big Foot Food Pantry.  

Our previous Spring Sale was the Spring Rummage Sale to Fight Homelessness, and benefitted the Twin Oaks Shelter in Darien, WI. 

Our previous Fall Rummage Sale was the Fall Rummage Sale to Fight Hunger, and benefitted the Big Foot Food Pantry.  

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer!! We have two sheds and two rooms in the church that have items. We are always so excited for potential volunteers! 

How do I donate my items? 

You can either drop off your items or request a pick-up service. 

Options for Drop-Offs:

Address: W3335 Willow Rd., Lake Geneva, WI, 53147 

Small Shed: 

  • First shed on property, Behind the green dumpster

  • Can open up the door to the right and place items on shelves. 

  • If shelving is full, place right outside the doors. 

  • Can drop off at your convenience. 

Large Shed: 

  • Drive through our parking lot to reach the large shed.

  • Leave items outside of the garage doors or under the awning. 

  • Can drop off at your convenience. 

  • Bigger items are left here such as: All furniture, Exercise Equipment, Outdoor Activities, 

Items to drop off at large shed: 

  1. Furniture ​

  2. Sports 

  3. Tools 

  4. Lamps 

  5. Big Appliances 

  6. Garage Items 

  7. Gardening

How does our pickup service work?

Ryan Romanowski is our volunteer for rummage pickups. His contact information is (262)-749-1236. 

Please allow a few days for a pickup to be scheduled as Ryan is a volunteer and works full time during the week and isn't always available immediately. 

Where are we located? 

Our address is W3335 Willow Rd., Lake Geneva, WI, 53147 in the town of Linn. 

We are just a few paces away from Luis's Pizza. 

What organizations do we assist?

Past Organizations we've helped: 

Twin Oaks Shelter 

Big Foot Food Pantry 

New Horizons Veterans Center 

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